Saturday, 16 February 2013


Okay guys, I am so so so sorry I haven't been on for like, over a month but I've just been so busy. School started back and I've had homework in like, every subject until recently, and when I'm not doing homework I'm being dragged out to social events.
This is the first weekend since my last post that I don't have a party to go to.
And my mother just had eye surgery to remove cataracts, which means that I have to do most things for her until it's all healed and stuff.
So, in short, my life had been hectic.
Remember that guy I was telling you about? The one who cheated on me?
Well, I decided to give him another chance, and he just decided to be an asshole again. It was going pretty good for like, two weeks and then he got really shitfaced and told me that basically he cheated on my with like, a lot of other girls, and he doesn't know why I bother and blah blah blah.
And then he tried to feel me up.
I hate him.
I don't hate him really, but I was mad at him for doing that.
And then like, a week before Valentine's day this guy asked me to be his Valentine, and I thought okay, how sweet of him, I've never actually had a Valentine before so I was flattered. We were supposed to go to dinner last night.
Aaaaand he ditched me. Well, not "ditched" exactly, as one has to show up in order to ditch someone. He didn't even do that.
It's like, why even bother asking someone to be your valentine if you're not even going to fucking show up?
It's just, so stupid.
And I have this whole big drama going on with my friends. You see, my best friend used to go out with this guy, but they broke up and now my other best friend is currently dating said guy, but said guy was sending my best friend messages saying he loves her and shit WHILE dating my other best friend.
And my other best friend's twin sister is in one hell of a war with this English girl who is my other best friend's best friend.
I know, it's really confusing without using names. I hope you understood that.
Oh, and my cousin is now dating this bitch, and it is currently tearing up his friendship between him and the English girl's older brother.
And then there's this other kid who had a huge crush on this bigger bitch, and the bigger bitch led him on until he asked her out and then she blatantly said no.
How mean can someone be?
But another two of my friends are dating, so that's good. But the sad thing is my childhood friend had a crush on the girl way before the guy she's currently dating, so my childhood friend got pretty crushed when he found out that the girl got together with someone else.
and yet another two broke up, which I thought was sad cause they looked really really good together.
And why do I know all this you may ask?
I have no fucking clue. I just do.