Saturday, 1 December 2012

Listen to Me

This is my first time blogging, and there's a simple reason why I wanted to start. It's 'cause I need someone to listen to me. Someone who understands what I feel and someone to relate to. Because I don't want to spread my feelings to anyone, not anyone I know at least, and not anyone who knows me. That is my dilemma. But today, I'm writing my first post, one of many more to come, and all I'm asking is; listen to me.

I'm a teenager like any other. I get called weird at school, freak, weak, the works. I get called nerd. But it doesn't bother me, that much, I guess. Sometimes it does, but I try my best to shrug it off. And when I can't seem to get that horrid feeling out of my throat, when I know I'm about to cry. That's when I write.

In this blog, I'll talk about anything! From world issues to my personal problems to whatever Sheldon said on the Big Bang Theory, or about when new pictures get released for the second hunger games movie. I could talk about how it feels to be lonely, how I feel anyway. How I lie awake at night and just feel useless. The good and the bad! yay.
And if you, dear reader, want me to talk about anything, then feel free to ask, I'm open for any sort of discussion.

Well, this is all I have to say in my first ever post, but I'll be seeing you again shortly. But please, just give me a try, give me a chance. Maybe you just might find what I have to say interesting after all.

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